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Puppy Contract & Health Guarantee
Buyer Responsibility:
  You will find in this information a vaccination and worming record.  Your puppy will need to complete their series of puppy shots and afterwards be kept current on vaccinations at your vet’s recommendation, as well as a worming schedule. 
  Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs guarantees to the best of our knowledge that this puppy/dog is in good health and free of communicable diseases when it leaves the ranch.   You must take your new puppy to your veterinarian for a health check-up within 5 days of receiving it, and you must be able to provide veterinary documentation of your puppy’s shot and worming record.  If your puppy has not been kept on a consistent worming schedule or not kept current on vaccinations, or any of the above, the guarantee is void.  Changing ownership of your puppy also voids the guarantee.  When you purchase a puppy from Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs, we expect that you are committing yourself to the dog’s proper care and training for its entire life.  If for any reason you can no longer keep one of our dogs/puppies, we are always willing to take them back (at buyer’s expense) or help you find a suitable new home.   There is no excuse to surrender a dog to a pound, shelter, or rescue organization.  
Health Guarantee
  There is a one year guarantee on the purchase price of your puppy (from their date of birth) against terminal genetic disorders.  If a terminal genetic disorder is diagnosed, Buffalo Creek Ranch/Gwen Shepperson is to be notified within 24 hrs and the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded OR buyer receives credit of purchase price towards another puppy of equal value.  To fulfill the guarantee I must have documentation verifying the terminal genetic disorder from 2 licensed veterinarians of different practices. If they agree, I will happily refund the purchase price or give you credit toward another puppy. One replacement puppy per agreement only.  The original puppy need not be returned/destroyed, but must be spayed/neutered and documentation sent to Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs before replacement puppy is provided.  After purchase, Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs assumes no responsibility for expenses of any kind.  Any return Shipping Costs are Buyer’s Responsibility.  No refunds on shipping, veterinary costs or expenses for any reason. The guarantee does NOT include: contagious and infectious diseases, coronaries, hernias, skin allergies, over/under bites, parasites (internal and/or external), coccidia, giardia, demodesis, hypoglycemia, heat or stress related conditions, abuse, neglect, injuries, improper diet or any other condition preventable by the buyer.  Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs does not guarantee temperament, adaptability, size, coat quality or color at maturity, fertility, conformation or ability to place in show unless otherwise stated.  Puppies are not to be used for breeding.  Puppies are to be spayed/neutered by one year of age and proof of procedure/vet documentation is to be sent to Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs or contract is void. 

Working Guarantee
Pups are guaranteed to work to the best of one’s ability to teach them.  The puppy must be raised in an environment that includes stock animals (cows, sheep, goats, ducks, etc.--NOT herding horses). If by the time the puppy is one year of age and shows no desire to work livestock, then he can be returned (at buyer’s expense) and replaced with another puppy of equal value or purchase price refunded. If a puppy is not available at the time, the buyer will be on waiting list for a puppy of equal value. Puppy must have been exposed to professional trainers, clinics, and/or seminars. Documentation of herding behaviors must be sent to Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs including those from professional herding trainers, clinics, and seminars prior to replacement. Videos are desired as well. 

AKC Registration:
Puppies purchased from Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs with Limited AKC registration are pet/working quality and WILL NOT be used for breeding. Puppies are to be spayed/neutered by one year of age and proof of procedure is to be sent to Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs or contract is void.  Puppy will be registered by Breeder with AKC, Puppy shall carry the prefix “Buffalo Creek” as first part of its AKC registered name. 

If you are looking for a puppy that will remain intact for ANY REASON (conformation showing, breeding, etc.), those pups are sold on a much more specific contract than the one posted here, and with Full AKC registration.  Please contact us for details and a copy of this contract.  Approval and price are by Private Treaty, and we reserve the right to remain co-owner so long as the dog is intact.  We have spent years breeding only AKC registered dogs from proven lines that have completed/passed genetic testing for generations, along with other physical and mental requirements, and it is our wish that puppy owners of our dogs continue these responsible practices, as per contract, with any pup from us that has
Full AKC registration.    

Buffalo Creek Cattle Dogs offers a $25.00 rebate for each title this dog earns up to a maximum of $100.00. HC, WTCH, CH and GCH titles will receive a rebate of $100.  Written proof and copies of certificates must supplied to the Breeder.

  This information is available on our website ( for any person to read or question before the purchase of a puppy. 

    I am ALWAYS excited to receive updates and pictures of puppies with their new families, so please keep in touch! It is always great to see how each puppy grows up and the fun they have with their new family.   We want to provide our families with a lifetime of support--feel free to contact me with questions or concerns once you may have after you get your pup home and for the years to come!   Every puppy we raise is a part of our family until they reach yours, so I hope you are pleased with your new family member and treat them as such.
Thank you for taking a Buffalo Creek Ranch puppy home!
We have read, reviewed and understand the above conditions of sale and agree to all the terms of this contract.

Breeder’s guarantees are not valid unless both the breeder and the buyer sign this contract.  Contract terms are with original owner only, who is specified below.

Seller Signature: ___________________________________________

Buyer Signature: ___________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________


  Puppy name :___________________________________________                          
  AKC Reg. #:  ____________________________________________ 
Date of Birth:___________________                    Sex: _________
Color: ______________   Markings: _________________________ 
Sire : _________________________________
Dam: _________________________________


Duramune Max 5-CvK Vaccine                                 Date of Shot

Pyrantel Paomate wormer                                       Date of worming

    Puppies purchased from Buffalo Creek Ranch are sold with this Puppy Contract/Health Guarantee, (must be signed by both Buyer and Seller), as well as their birth/shot/worming records.  

Please read THOROUGHLY, and Contact Us with any questions.

If you are looking for a pup to remain intact for ANY reason, please contact us for details, as contract terms for full registration are different than the contract below and price is also affected.  Approval, Contract and Price are by Private Treaty, and we reserve the right to remain co-owner.