Australian Cattle Dogs
Chasing Cows in Heaven
Our Old Friends
Gone, But Never Forgotten
Peach--Full sister to Sly.  Their father, Clyde, was the dog Reno had when we met.  She loved cow work and saw as many long days as Sly. She was always close by whenever I was outside, even in her old age.  She was waiting for us to return home from a day of cow work when she died in June 2008.  She is chasing cows in heaven with Sly now.  We miss you girl.
Butch-(Maggie x Sly) Father of Brandy. My husband Reno's dog that may never be equaled.  Knew exactly what combination of brains and brawn each situation called for.  The most loyal dog we have ever had, never left Reno's side.  He had the heart of a lion and was taken from us too soon.
Sly--Father of Harley, Sky and Magnum.  Full brother to Peach.  Cow dog supreme- better than the help of 5 riders, Sly saw many, many long days with us in the cows.  Sly was there until the job was done.  It wasn't the years that took him, but the miles.  He sired cowdogs that are working all over the country. We still miss him everyday, but legends never die, and everyone has their favorite "Sly Story" around these parts!
George- (Peach x Sly) Kiley's first dog, he was so tiny and cute as a puppy, she could not bear the thought of someone else going home with him!  She packed George around in the hood of her sweatshirt when he was little and he followed her everywhere once he was grown.  Sadly, George was not with us very long, but he was the best dog a kid could ever ask for, along with a great cow dog that always gave 100% until the job was done.
Doc's High Range (Doc)-Doc was a tank of a guy that was eager to please and work, but would play with the kids all day too.  We lost Doc to an accident in April 2009 and he will be sorely missed by all, especially my son, Kody, who was Doc's best buddy.   He is Harper's uncle and Jet's sire.
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Pixie-- Mother of Brandy and Magnum. A careful girl in the world of cows, she was learning the ropes when she died too young.  A great mother that gave my kids each a wonderful dog of their own.  That pup in the picture with all the spots is Brandy!
Outback's Ben Blue "Dakota"--Dakota came to us from a friend at 8 yrs old.  We were his "retirement home" and he really did enjoy his life here, he loved to swim, run through the tall grass and ride in the pickup to get the kids at school. He was a wonderful, gentle hearted dog that loved puppies and being a sidekick to my kids, and often went with us on shorter working days.  He never sired any puppies here, but we will miss his kind soul.  He passed away in Fall 2010 in his sleep.