Australian Cattle Dogs
Marin comes from all our home raised bloodlines--her mother, Belle, is a full sister to Sheila (Harper x Axl), & her sire, Roper, is a Sophie x Doc son.  She is a confident and willing young girl that isn't rattled by much-she has that oh-so-low heel bite and really likes balance when she's working, she is a handy dog to have around!  Also a fun and loyal companion that is super friendly to everyone she meets.
KS Ranch All Who Wander Are Not Lost
KS Ranch Gunpowder And Lead X KS Doc's Red Roper
(Dam)                                (Sire)
BAER Bi-Lateral Hearing
PRA A (Clear By Parentage) PLL Clear   prcd4 Clear
OFA Elbows and Patellas Normal
Hips Pending