*Harper currently lives on a Wagyu cattle ranch in Ten Sleep, WY as head cow dog!

Harper boasts some of the best working bloodlines around today, and she has the natural instinct and drive to work cattle--she has a nice low heel and is quite confident and adaptable to situations on the range and in the corral.  She is a very quiet, quick worker who gets a nice low bite in and is out of the way before cattle even know what happened!  The kids have nicknamed her the "cow ninja" she is so stealthy!
She is happy to go and do whatever I ask, she is just glad to be with me whether its work or play.  The kids have a lot of fun doing agility with her and she is always happy to meet a new friend!

She has produced puppies that are smart, loyal, eager learners and workers
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She is very structurally correct, athletic and reliable--just what a good ranch hand should be!
Australian Cattle Dogs
Harper came to us
at 8 wks old
and showed interest in cattle right away!
Harper's Parents--sire, Brody(front)
dam, Justine (rear)

Hopson's Hardworkin' KS Girl
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OFA Fair/Normal
PLL Normal/Clear