Buffalo Creek Brutus
What the #%*?!- that's not an ACD!  Nope, he is a Mountain Cur Hound, my husband's hunting/trapping dog, and loyal does not even begin to describe him.  If Reno goes, Brutus follows.  He has a great personality and does everything with us on the ranch just the same, so he gets his picture here too!   Brutus is proving himself as a great bobcat, lion and coyote hunting dog each winter.

Brutus tracked and treed this 130lb male Mountain Lion in January 2009
Yeah Brutus!!!!
Versatile is Boss's middle name!  She will work cattle as well as track a coyote, bobcat or lion, and is as loyal as the day is long.  She is protective of our family, and loves children of all ages.  She is my husband's dog and she really likes her warm dog bed in the house!
Australian Cattle Dogs