Beth is built very lean and leggy with tons of endurance and athleticism.  Always wagging her tail and happy when its time to work, Beth has a huge amount of natural instinct, heart, and drive. She is truly a silent worker and is confident working in any situation--she's seen a lot of miles!  She is a biddable, confident, loose-eyed worker that is always ready to go and will not quit until the job is done.  She has a lot of driving ability combined with very good bite placement, and never gets riled or hot-headed, no matter how intense the situation, and she will work for anyone. Will work cattle all day and come home and want to play fetch all evening--she is very high energy.  She produces excellent working and performance pups, and has several pups titled in the competitive disc and herding arenas, along with numerous that are working on farms and ranches.
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Beth as a puppy
Australian Cattle Dogs
Beth's Sire, Splash, who belongs to my niece