About Us
    We are first and foremost cattle ranchers and love our Western way of life.  We raise commercial Angus beef cattle on a large remote ranch here in Wyoming.  Our family has been ranching for over 100 years, and we have always had working dogs.  Our dogs are part of our family and an integral part of ranch life and work.  We take pride in the work they help us do.  They are loyal, smart, hardworking companions that we depend on in all seasons for cattle work.  Our dogs must have the tenacity and biddability for real life cattle work in a family environment. Whether we are gathering cattle for branding in the spring, trailing up the mountain to summer pastures, doctoring cattle in the fall or feeding cows in the winter, our dogs are always with us. 

Everyone in our family can tell many stories of how cow work would not have gotten done if it had not been for our faithful, hardworking dogs.  My favorite--my kids (who were 3 and 5 at the time) and I trailed 450 cow/calf pairs 12 miles with no other help than my 4 dogs, while my husband and his brother were off riding the neighbors' pastures looking for strays.

    Many of our puppies live and work with their families on farms and ranches, while others play, hike, swim, compete and provide loving companionship with their families, all over the world.
    The working ability of a dog is our most serious consideration and essential for life on the ranch.  Although some of our pups never see a cow once they leave here, I believe this breed's incredible intelligence and work ethic lends itself to excellence in any field, be it work or pleasure.  A working cattle dog requires many characteristics: proper temperament, willingness to work (with people, other dogs or autonomously), character, confidence, intelligence, physical soundness, endurance, agility, herding prowess, stock sense and work ethic.  For a great working partner OR a beloved companion, all these qualities are important.  Working stock is what these dogs were originally bred to do, and there is no room for compromise on that standard for any other ideals.  We love our dogs dearly as much as anyone else with a family pet, but we expect them to be by our side when there's work to be done as well.  It is amazing to watch them do their job, as well as how much they love to work! 


Puppies here arrive with great audience and excitement!  We make certain they have the best start in life possible.  Mother dogs have their litters in the house and my children give all pups a name almost immediately after birth.  In the following weeks, we spend a lot of time with them, getting to know each pup, his personality and quirks.  We consider these pups part of our family until they reach yours, and we treat them as such.  We have raised their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.  Generations of dogs have spent day in and day out working cattle in all weather conditions, so we can attest to their healthy and genetically sound history.  We have confidence in our dogs' abilities as working and family dogs, and stand behind them 100% thru a lifetime of support to our puppy buyers and our puppy contract.
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    Please enjoy your visit to our site and make yourselves at home.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and thank you for your interest in my dogs!

Gwen Shepperson

[email protected]


Australian Cattle Dogs
Beth (Sami x Splat) with Thunder the calf, who was in the house warming up after being born on a cold day!

1. Live Each Day with Courage

2. Take Pride in Your Work

3. Always Finish What you Start

4. Do What Has to Be Done

5. Be Tough, But Fair

6. When You Make a
Promise, Keep It

7. Ride for the Brand

8. Talk Less and Say More

9. Remember That Some Things Are Not For Sale

10. Know Where to Draw the Line